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Soft Staging Services

As a professional fine artist, speaking the language of design: proportion, composition, scale, color, balance, line, texture, value, and space, I naturally apply all of these elements to create art as well as creative staging options that enhance your home.

Whether you wish to put your home on the market, refresh a space,  I strive in providing staging services to help you find the perfect artwork and staging ideas for your home.

What is Soft Staging?

Soft staging has the same concept as traditional home staging but without bringing in furniture. I bring in just a small amount of new artwork and accessories that complement the home to make it feel warmer and more inviting. These decorative additions may seem simple, but they have a big impact on a home buyer’s psychology. A home with at least some touches of décor is more attractive than one without them.

When staging a home to position it well for sale, making sure that you have the right artwork on your walls is critical. My lifelong pursuit of creating beautiful art that is pleasing to the eye allows in helping you with achieving harmony and balance in your home.

The Benefits of Soft Staging

It’s budget-friendly. As I mentioned, soft staging requires a much smaller investment than conventional home staging. Instead of bringing in a large amount of furniture to accommodate each room, I offer artwork packages and smaller pieces of décor to freshen up space. This makes the number of pieces (if you rent these items for staging or if you actually purchase these items and take them with you when you move) significantly smaller, as well as the move-in and move-out process much simpler, resulting in significantly smaller fees. You can be sure that even a small investment in soft staging will provide a noticeable return.

My goal is to help your prospective buyers imagine themselves living in your home. If they see images of people who currently live in the home, this will remind them that they are in a stranger’s home rather than inspire them to envision it as their next home. Leverage the power of home staging to make it as easy as possible for your buyers to feel comfortable – and that includes the artwork on your walls!

It makes an empty home feel warmer and more inviting. The most powerful part of home staging and soft staging alike is the effect staging has on potential home buyers. Staging makes a listing feel more like a home rather than just an empty house. It may seem unnecessary from the outside ─ after all, the décor won’t be there when the buyer actually moves in ─ but the truth is, buying a house is a very emotional process. Small details like towels in the bathroom and an open cookbook on the kitchen counter help buyers imagine themselves living there. It’s especially helpful in a home that doesn’t have many upgraded features, or in brand new homes where the kitchens and bathrooms can sometimes look too sterile. While cleanliness is extremely important, soft staging takes the hard edge off of a sterile-looking kitchen or bathroom. Warming it up with some decor makes it look more approachable and natural. Some pleasing décor will show the possibilities and help buyers focus on the positives rather than the negatives. They are more likely to become emotionally attached to a home that has these charming touches.

It helps define each room. One of the biggest downsides to an empty home is the lack of structure for each space. For many buyers, imagining how to use each spare bedroom or awkward loft space can be overwhelming. Staging these areas, even with just a few accessories, can help fill in the blanks. You don’t want potential buyers getting caught up in confusion. By answering these questions before they even ask them, they will be able to focus on the positives of the home.

Color is very important in artwork, as it’s a perfect opportunity for adding pops of brightness to a room that’s full of neutral background colors. Of course, make sure that the hues in your home’s artwork coordinate well with your current punches of color that are found in your pillows and accessories. My large collection of artwork will provide your stager/designer with endless possibilities to bring fresh, and cohesive design ideas to your home.

Finding art for home staging is all about bringing out the home’s best features and creating a positive, inviting vibe when potential buyers tour the property. My collection of art for home staging specifically has this goal in mind and has a variety of colors and styles to suit any home on the market.

Contact me and let’s have buyers fall in love with your home.

Artfully yours,

Nathalie Villeneuve


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