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Pause and Paint  fundraisers are unique, fun, and profitable. Also, we run the event from start to finish so you can focus on your guests and having fun. The best part?

  • Your cause receives $15 for every ticket sold
  • Let us help you raise $300.00 to $500.00 + for your favorite charity/cause
  • Minimum 15 people required
  • We provide plastic table cloth, cups and art material
  • We will work with you to create the event you envision
  • We will help you choose your venue
  • You get to pick a painting to match your theme
  • We’ll provide a flyer/poster design for you to print
  • We donate a painting to your cause for you to raffle and raise more $

Note: You can chose the price of the fundraiser to be $35 or $40. If we charge $35, you make $15 per ticket sold and if you choose to charge $40 you make $20 per ticket sold


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    All we need from you:

  • 2  weeks notice
  • Choose your artwork HERE
  • Call Nathalie to reserve the date: 203-927-6782
  • E-mail a short description of your event to (name, date/time, what the money is raised for, venue address)
  • Deposit $100

*All tickets purchased to your fundraiser will be refunded in full in the case of cancellation. We’ll send an email to notify the guests who purchased tickets that the event has been called off. Only the $100 deposit will be retained.

pause-and-paint-fundraisersContact us today to create a memorable (and stress-free) experience for your guests or to inquire about that special idea you’d like to share with us. We’ll do everything we can to make it a possible! Please give us as many details you can and let your imagination run wild!

~ Nathalie Villeneuve

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