How to Paint Pop Art With Acrylics - Marilyn * Pause and Paint

How to Paint Pop Art With Acrylics – Marilyn

Learn How to Paint Pop Art With Acrylics – Marilyn

In this video I will show you How to Paint Pop Art With Acrylics –  Marilyn is one of my popular painting workshop for beginners because it is simple enough and also you have access to a traceable stencil to transfer your image onto the canvas. You will have fun applying the paint once the drawing part of the artwork is done.

Most people are shying away from painting because they say they are not goos at sketching or drawing. Wee, I have news for you. Painting is not a talent, it is an acquired skill. The more you paint the better you will get.

If you are looking for a good afternoon of fun and relaxation and are looking to learn how to paint pop art on canvas, you will enjoy this video.

New at art? Learn to paint with this full acrylic art lessons.

Here are the art supplies I suggest for painting from home.

*** Recommended Canvas Size *** 11 x 14

*** Other Supplies ***

Paper towels Water cup Small round sponge

You best attitude and self-confidence!


Have fun painting or just sit back and relax while watching this acrylic painting demonstration!

(See a Speed Up Acrylic Painting Demo  and my new “Welcome to my Art Channel Video“)


Nathalie Villeneuve is a Canadian-born visual artist. Her paintings are best described as Expressionist meets Parisian chic. Villeneuve’s, strong influence of Franz Marc, a German printmaker considered a pioneer of the German Expressionist movement, creates a series of heavy lines contrasting bright colors fading into soft brush strokes on canvas. Her body of work depicts women in dance, cinema, photography and even the mundane such as sitting at a Cafe or by the beach. The scenes she creates on canvas consists of elegant, long-legged feminine figures gracefully perched and seem frozen in time during moments of peaceful reflections. Villeneuve, a Meriden resident has shown her artwork at various galleries and venues in Connecticut and Canada. She now has a growing body of collectors throughout the U.S. Northeast. Ms. Villeneuve studied at the Dicksen Art Center/UCLA under Professor Roger Herman towards receiving her Bachelor’s of Interdisciplinary Art. For more information:


  1. Marquita Herald /

    What a wonderful video and tutorial Nathalie! You’ll laugh because as I watched you I kind of choked up a little thinking back about how long I’ve been in your WofFB community and before you started your classes and now just look at you! Thank you so much for the beauty you bring to the world and for your inspiration. 🙂

  2. Sue Kearney /

    Thanks, Nathalie, and great timing for me, as I’m feeling the urge to paint. Think I’ll start here!

  3. Vatsala Shukla /

    I love it, Nathalie! I remember Warhol’s series on Marilyn Monroe and thought it was awesome. Thanks for making the process simple for those of us who appreciate art but don’t know how to create it.

  4. Nathalie Villeneuve /

    Hi Vatsala, Thank you for watching “How to Paint Pop Art With Acrylics – Marilyn” , I love pop art and I will create more. I am glad you can see the benefit of my online painting workshops!

  5. Nathalie Villeneuve /

    Ah! That’s awesome Sue! Thank you for watching “How to Paint Pop Art With Acrylics – Marilyn”. Please share your art with us!

  6. Nathalie Villeneuve /

    Awe, that a beautiful message, now I chocked a little too as I am thinking about how I started TWOF…”with an invitational video showing my art! I’ve gone full circle! Now I truly have my direction and YouTube is definitely my new platform! Thank you for watching “How to Paint Pop Art With Acrylics – Marilyn” …more to come!

  7. Joyce Hansen /

    This is a wonderful way to for those of us who do not consider ourselves artistic to find a way to paint. As I went through your video, each step was so well explained, that I thought I certainly could do that.

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