Nina's Cafe and Billiards * Pause and Paint

Nina’s Cafe and Billiards

We are now open 7 days a week. We have 6 pool tables on the 2nd floor, two 8’ and four coin-operated 7’ tables.
Free Parking in the garage behind the Building
After 5 and Weekends. We do Validate Parking during the week for our customers up to 2 hours. Catering and Platters are Available Office Meetings, Office Parties,
Small or Large Lunch Party, Grand Openings, Birthday Party, Paint Party and more


Nathalie Villeneuve is a Canadian-born visual artist. Her paintings are best described as Expressionist meets Parisian chic. Villeneuve’s, strong influence of Franz Marc, a German printmaker considered a pioneer of the German Expressionist movement, creates a series of heavy lines contrasting bright colors fading into soft brush strokes on canvas. Her body of work depicts women in dance, cinema, photography and even the mundane such as sitting at a Cafe or by the beach. The scenes she creates on canvas consists of elegant, long-legged feminine figures gracefully perched and seem frozen in time during moments of peaceful reflections. Villeneuve, a Meriden resident has shown her artwork at various galleries and venues in Connecticut and Canada. She now has a growing body of collectors throughout the U.S. Northeast. Ms. Villeneuve studied at the Dicksen Art Center/UCLA under Professor Roger Herman towards receiving her Bachelor’s of Interdisciplinary Art. For more information:

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