White House by the Sea * Pause and Paint

White House by the Sea

White House by the Sea is where we dream of assisting women that have lost their ability to feel joy & have fun in life. We want to assist them in cultivating their creativity while flourishing in their faith so that they are able to once again reveal their most vibrant self.

The urge to create inhabits everyone, it’s of our making!

Women will come to “White House by the Sea” to replace their feelings of emptiness with the tides of vitality and creative energy that God has placed within them.

Art and Heart

Here is a vision of what the main room at The White House by the Sea might look like…add a few more large coaches and open the curtains for a perfect view to the beach.

They’ll surround themselves with open minded women at a beautiful white mansion by the sea. There are huge white couches all around inside and outside the house on which women sip tea, read the bible and engage in open-hearted conversations.

There is a huge main room with crisp white walls adorned with beautiful paintings. A chandelier made of tiny white lights and ribbons reaching all around the room makes a cheerful statement. In the middle of the room, there are rainbows of paint next to brushes, white canvases, and table easels.

In other rooms of the house, women can dance, pray, mingle and rest…it’s a safe environment that offers a multitude of ways to feel revived, alive and closer to Jesus.

Gardens and Easels

A large garden opens up into a stairway made of limestone bordered by thousands of little orange flowers on each side that give access to the beach. There is always time for a swim in the ocean and to come sit by a fire on the beach.

There is plenty of good food, lots of fresh fruit and veggies served throughout the day.

This is a wonderful retreat for women where they feel safe and can find their true selves again. Each woman plays a role in uplifting others with her own life experiences.

The White House by the sea is where women feel like a Queen for a day, a week, or a Month… it’s where women speak an international language of Love and Art. (Sometimes Queens wear a white cami and jeans and they sit on the beach to paint) 

This is a vision and a dream…tell me if you see yourself spending time at The White House by the Sea…and who do you bring with you?


Nathalie Villeneuve is a Canadian-born visual artist. Her paintings are best described as Expressionist meets Parisian chic. Villeneuve’s, strong influence of Franz Marc, a German printmaker considered a pioneer of the German Expressionist movement, creates a series of heavy lines contrasting bright colors fading into soft brush strokes on canvas. Her body of work depicts women in dance, cinema, photography and even the mundane such as sitting at a Cafe or by the beach. The scenes she creates on canvas consists of elegant, long-legged feminine figures gracefully perched and seem frozen in time during moments of peaceful reflections. Villeneuve, a Meriden resident has shown her artwork at various galleries and venues in Connecticut and Canada. She now has a growing body of collectors throughout the U.S. Northeast. Ms. Villeneuve studied at the Dicksen Art Center/UCLA under Professor Roger Herman towards receiving her Bachelor’s of Interdisciplinary Art. For more information: www.NathalieVilleneuve.com


  1. Linda Ursin /

    This looks like a wonderful retreat, and a great offer to the women who need it.
    Linda Ursin recently posted…5 creativity lessons from children to you

  2. Kimba /

    This sounds amazing! I would love to join you in this white house by the seas – it would be a wonderful place to write.
    Kimba recently posted…Uterus Declares War!

  3. Nathalie Villeneuve /

    Thank you Donna! I wrote this knowing that one day we will have painting retreats in a place like that. Hope you will join me.

  4. Leila Grandemange /

    Love love love this Nathalie. I recall the first day you shared this vision with me . . . I even felt peace listening to you share the vision and describe the house and all that will be offered there. I love that women will be able to trade their emptiness for the fullness of the Holy Spirit, joy and laughter and most of all acceptance and love! Prayers for God to guide and bless. God willing I can be part of this through the dance xo

  5. Nathalie Villeneuve /

    I’ve been reminded of this dream at various time by different women whom I shared it with and read it. It’s amazing and so key how putting things in writing keeps alive the longing of our hearts so that we never forget these important whispers.

  6. Nathalie Villeneuve /

    This dream of mine is more present now than ever. I pray for God to guide my every step and stir me towards this white house! Yes, you will be there Leila!

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